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New Release Coming December 6th

Please check out this upcoming new book in this series!

by Iris Blobel

Book 5 in the ALINTA BAY


Two strangers' lives collide in a chance encounter that will forever change their destinies.

When Jonah, a rugged New Zealander in Alinta Bay for a school reunion, and Maddie, a spirited local, find themselves trapped in a hotel lift, sparks fly amidst the mechanical mishap. His rescue diver training ensures Maddie’s safety and ignites an instant connection between them. They agree to share a dinner the next day, but a shadow from Jonah's past emerges in the form of his first girlfriend, threatening to unravel the fragile bond they've formed.

Grateful for Jonah's presence and captivated by his charisma, Maddie is determined to find him when he doesn’t show up to their planned meeting. With the help of a friend, she embarks on a search to find Jonah. Her search leads her to a haunting discovery—an unconscious Jonah lying down a cliff outside town.

When Jonah's belongings are taken from the hotel by his mysterious fiancée, Maddie becomes resolute in her mission to uncover the truth?

Will Maddie and Jonah manage the challenges posed by their past secrets and present obstacles, as well as navigate the sea of emotions, in order to find a future together?

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Nov 13, 2023

Thank you so very much, Sloan, for sharing my latest release with your readers ♥ I really appreciate it.

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