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The most inopportune times...

He swam to the bank to grab the bar of soap. After rubbing it across his chest and arms, he washed his hair and his face then dived under the water to swim another lap. Who knew when he’d be able to enjoy this kind of leisure or bathe again?

The sun was high when he got out of the water. Lying on the grassy slope, he closed his eyes and let the warmth of the sun pulse on his body. He dozed a little while, enjoying the solitude.

Ramsey rose, picked up his breeches, pulled them on then bent to get his shirt. He felt a whisper soft touch on his injured shoulder, which was followed by a gasp. He spun to find a beautiful, wide-eyed woman staring at him.

The Talisman Trilogy

(image by JuliusH - Pixabay)

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