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Writing Guidelines

I am happy to welcome author Joan Ramirez, who is here today to talk about The Write Rules.

This handbook is intended to help individuals industrywide and English as a Second Language professionals enhance their client list. It is a guide for startups as well. Its contents are not a guarantee of same. Only perseverance can accomplish that task.

“This book gives clear writing guidelines—keep it concise and simple.”

Kelly, Professional Engineer (PE)

“Joan has compiled a fine communications guide. If you’re looking for a concise reference to help you with your verbal and written communications skills, The Write Rules is for you.”

Steven, French teacher

Joan Ramirez announces the debut of her “E” and Print Handbooks on, B&N Nook, Kobo, and Apple.

To order The Write Rules:

WORKSHOP Details: Log onto as of 9/21/20

For handbook /workshop inquiries:

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