Hello Readers,

      I'm disappointed that I didn't find something to write a short story about for Halloween in time to write it for Halloween. My life is crazy sometimes and not as manageable as it used to be.

      Me and the muse have broken "The Tempest" out of cold storage and are working on it.

     I love this time of year....the joy, the happiness.  Well most times!  People can be finicky. Anyway, I bought a new Christmas tree. It's smaller and already has lights, which saves me a ton of time because I put it up myself and it gets tricky when you are 5.2 feet tall and the tree is 7.5 feet tall.  lol 

      I am participating in a Book Fair sale until the end of this month. Check out the pic to the right. You can click on it and go to the page for the sale. Lots of good books available. Don't miss out.

      Every year I watch sappy Christmas movies, and listen to old and new Christmas songs. Both things bring me much joy. I hope you have something that makes this time joyous for you. Don't let the commercial fairies spoil the true meaning!

      Here's wishing you a bountiful Thanksgiving Day! 




Oh to be this restful while sleeping. I don't know how Auggie does it!

Causes I Believe in...

I have no affiliation to any of these organizations. I do not get kickbacks if you donate. I believe that we should all support saving the wildlife and other resources of our planet so this and all future generations can study them, explore them, and enjoy them.



    Have you ever dreamed of places you wanted to see? Of course you do,  everyone does. That’s what I did as a kid. I dreamed of everywhere. I wanted to travel to beautiful, exotic, exciting places and leave my boring home town behind. My adventures took on the forms of dreams, and stories in my head. I would wake up in the morning thinking what the heck am I doing in this blue room with sexy men all over the walls? Wasn’t I just swinging through the jungle trees with a hot guy in a loincloth? Oh, right. I’m back in my bedroom. (Enter frowny face here.)

     I worked in the library when I was in high school to absorb anything and everything. I really loved that job. Okay, it got me out of study hall, but so what.

     Paranormal drew me. I read up on all aspects of the paranormal written, and allowed in high schools back then. I lived in the paranormal world, and still do today, which is why I feel comfortable writing in that genre. I was reading about vampires, and werewolves, and ghosts back in the day (my daughter hates it when I say that), but the vampires and werewolves I read about back then were certainly not the sexy, go ahead and bite me baby, ones that we have in YA and adult fiction these days. Thank you progress!

     Many years and two kids later, I’m back to dreaming of beautiful, exotic, and exciting places, and men who are heroic in their own way. Are they still sexy, you say? Damn straight. Gorgeous, sexy, hot, there are an endless amount of adjectives to describe the men I write (and read, definitely), but they are also flawed. They are human after all, well, except for the Time Walkers. They are just down right slap my fanny, gods.

     The one theme that runs through all my stories is TIME. ~~Love Spans All Time~~ That’s right, I said it. I truly believe it too. Borrowing a quote from a damn good movie here: "It is said some lives are linked across time, connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages."  (Prince of Persia).

     I invite you to take a peek at my Books. Maybe you’ll find something that piques your interest. 



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