Dangerous Heat
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Can burning desire heal a broken heart, a broken trust, or will a killer's plan end it all?

What kind of mother can’t give her son the birthday present he wants?  Whitney needs something to go right, because too much has been going wrong lately.


Finally, a break.  A magazine article that will bring much-needed funds sends her to Grafton Air Base, where she runs into trouble—sexy trouble from her past—by the name of Tom MacKenzie.  She needs to complete the job, and get the hell off the base, before she reveals her secret.

From the Heavens comes a Prince who will melt your heart.

‘A Pirate’s Life for Me,’ that is Celeste’s plan. Revenge drives her to be daring. Attacks by smoke demons, and the appearance of a swashbuckling rogue—a handsome rogue with magickal powers—detracts her from the mission and reveals frightening truths about her family.


Time Walker law dictates no interaction with humans, but Orion can't stay away.


The Fury
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From the Heavens comes a Hero who will take your breath away.

Reese Whittaker dreams of falling for a man who shares her love of archeology and ancient civilizations. But being attacked by a horde of demons and rescued by a Sumerian God—a well-armed, gorgeous Sumerian God—opens up a world she never knew existed, attracting all kinds of supernatural attention.


Dagan is forbidden by law to interact with Reese, but from the moment he sees her, the fury—an intense sexual need for bonding—blinds him to all the rules.

Three lives connected by a psychic gift are forever changed by a killer's revenge.

Alone is better. No people, no crowds, no visions…until a killer connects with her mind. She can’t go through the visions again.


Allison offers to help with the police investigation, and butts heads with FBI Agent Jake Austin. The brooding, disbelieving man is all kinds of hot, and a pain in her ass. Convincing Austin that she is connected to the killer might be impossible, but she has to try or more women will die.

Together in Darkness
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