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About the Book


Together in Darkness

About the Book

Special Agent Jake Austin is hunting a sadistic killer who is leaving mutilated bodies across New England with clues designed especially for him. In his pursuit, he meets Allison Brody who has a strong connection with the killer.


Through visions Allison watches helplessly while the killer stalks and murders young women. The killer draws her closer, using her fear to feed his need. Jake and Allison battle their mutual attraction as they race to save the potential next victim – who could end up being Allison herself. 

From the Author:

Thank you for considering my romantic suspense thriller Together in Darkness. It is currrently available in ebook and audiobook formats. If you love books that keep you on the edge of your seat, that involve sexy FBI agents, Strong Heroines, and the paranormal then you may like this steamy dangerous romance. My books all end in happily ever after even if it’s not what you expect.


CW/TW:  death, violence, murder, serial killer, some gore, language, nudity, explicit sex scenes, assault, for mature audiences 

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