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Author of Paranormal and Suspense Romance

Book 1

Men of FireTrilogy

To some they are daredevils, defiant of the rules other firemen must follow, to others they are brave, heroes who save the lives no others dare. These are the lives of three such men—Tom, Tony, and Matt—the elite of the elite—Smoke jumpers.

Book 2


Book 3


Dangerous Heat

Thomas “Wolf” MacKenzie — High risk doesn’t worry this sexy smokejumper.  He lives on the edge.  A guilt-ridden past pushes him to be brazen and bold, but a mistake could cost him his life.

About the Book

Memories can be fatal…


For Whitney Store, the onset of fire season should be the hottest thing about interviewing smokejumpers—until she sees Tom MacKenzie. Ten years ago, he set her heart aflame, then disappeared. Whitney fights the reignited attraction to the brooding firefighter. She has no place in her life for this six-foot tall, dark, and dangerous memory.

Tom’s job as a smokejumper involves constant danger. He thought he knew how to handle heat, but his reaction to Whitney burns hotter than he remembers. He’s ready to face the past and make amends. She’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him.


When Tom follows Whitney home, he discovers she has a secret. Unusual events surround them, and Whitney is the common denominator. If they don’t learn to trust each other again, a killer’s greedy obsession will turn their world to ash.

Next up!!!!

Dangerous Obsession

Anthony “Moondoggie” Calhoun — A charming bad boy who can captivate and manipulate. Women love his wild nature. Behind those bedroom eyes lie burning secrets and a valiant sole.

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