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Time Walker Series

Time Walkers live among us. Walking through all eras of time they save humanity from the scourge of the Underworld.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3


Available in Print and E-book

The Fury

About the Book

~~From the Heavens comes a Hero who will take your breath away.


He claims he’s there to save her, but Reese has seen nothing threatening—except him. As an archeologist, she’s used to studying ancient civilizations, not interacting with them face to face. When the mysterious stranger demands she do as she’s told, she’s got a few ideas on how to handle the smoking, hot man—and anything else that comes along.


Dagan has protected thousands of humans over the centuries, and until this woman—this beautiful, infuriatingly headstrong woman—fulfilling his time walker duties has been much less complicated. As he draws close to Reese, the power of The Fury overtakes him, binding him to her, exposing her to even more danger. For if he chooses her, he loses everything. And if he loses everything, he will be powerless to stop Kur and the horde of demons who hunt her.

The Treasure

About the Book

~~From the Heavens comes a prince who will melt your heart.


Revenge. Celeste has crossed an ocean for it, erased her identity for it, entwined her fate with the bloodthirstiest pirate just for a chance at it. But time spent in such close quarters with murderers and thieves is beginning to play tricks with her sanity. How else to explain the stranger only she sees, the one who sees her, sees through her, his exquisite, brandy-colored eyes finding her again and again?


Orion is a time walker; a sworn protector of the human race. As long as Underworld creatures seek Celeste, he will be there to guard her. Orion senses something mysterious - and wrong - in Celeste's blood. It draws him like no other. And if he can sense its enormous power, the evil ones can, too. 


Celeste refuses to forego her dangerous mission. Orion won't stop trying to protect her, even if it destroys him. Who will yield?

The Tempest

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